FHBS & Yaskawa signed a strategic cooperation agreement

FHBS & Boci signed a strategic cooperation agreement


               Foshan Huibaisheng Laser Technology Co., Ltd.( hereinafter referred to as "FHBS" ) with Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as "Yaskawa") and Shanghai Boci Automation Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Boci"). The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was held in Huibaisheng Laser Customer Experience Center.



              With the theme of "resource sharing, win-win development", carry out in-depth cooperation. Provide better technical support for the high-quality development of China laser manufacturing industry.





                 Chairman Chen of FHBS with Chairman ADACHI YASUO of YASKAWA and other leaders went to visit Baisheng Laser Industrial Park at 15:00



                 Before the signing ceremony, Chairman Liang of our company introduced the basic situation and industrial layout of the company in detail. And put forward the advantages of bilateral cooperation and development. At the same time, he expressed full confidence in the next comprehensive strategic cooperatioin between the two companies.





                Chairman ADACHI YASUO of Yaskawa, guest representative of Boci, Chairman Chen of FHBS, Chairman Liang of FHBS and a group of leaders and guests were attend the signing ceremony of this strategic cooperation.



Opening speech




                  Chairman Liang of FHBS gave an opening speech, full affirming the strategic cooperation between our company and Yaskawa Electic. And also described that our company has been committed to developing new ideasfocusing on quality, and seeking better dynamic performance and stability for cutting the effect regardless of the cost.


               Yaskawa Electric is a leading manufacturer in the field of motion control. As one of the world's leading representatives of high-end manufacturing, it ranks among the top brands in the industry.



              Our company has used Yaskawa Electric for more than ten years and has a good foundation for cooperation. After in-depth and candid communication in many aspects, the two sides reached a consensus on joint cooperation and common progress.



              This cooperation is a powerful alliance of mutual benefit for FHBS and Yaskawa.





                 Chairman ADACHI YASUO of Yaskawa said Yaskawa Electric (China) Co., Ltd. has been committed to contributing to Chinas industrial advancement since its establishment. And also continue to provide world-renowned products and technologies to the Chinese market.



                In the cooperation, FHBSs excellent technical support and after-sales guarantee, coupled with Yaskawas excellent product quality and technical guarantee, through complementary advantages and resource sharing. We will jointly provide one-stop and full-range service to the customers.



                The powerful cooperation between FHBS & Yaskawa will definitely bring more convenience to customers' use and achieve a win-win future!



                    Chairman Liang of FHBS and ADACHI YASUO of Yaskawa, were signing a strategic cooperation agreement.




                 Chairman Liang of FHBS and Adachi Kyoo of Yaskawa, were taking a photo to record this precious moment.

Signed a cooperation agreement with Shanghai Boci





                    The representative of Shanghai Boci said, Between FHBS & Boci has cooperated for many years. I am very happy to hold a comprehensive strategic cooperation signing ceremony with FHBS here. Thanks to FHBS has always supported Boci as always.


                   Every time we go to FHBS, we feel as kind as returning home. This time we choose FHBS as a comprehensive strategic partner and we are very optimistic about the prospect of FHBS. As representatives of the China laser field, We have the responsibility to further strengthen cooperation and make joint efforts to build Chinas high-end equipment manufacturing vanguard enterprise. And break through the technical limitations of foreign leading enterprises, realize a major leap in china's laser equipment technology and quality to catch up with foreign leading enterprises, and achieve the real import substitution effect.



           Chairman Chen of FHBS said, after the signing ceremony, FHBS&Boci will jointly lead the development of new laser cutting technology through in-depth strategic cooperation with an all-range combination effect.



Chairman Chen of FHBS & the representative of Shanghai Boci were signing a strategic cooperation agreement.



                        Chairman Chen of FHBS & the representative of Shanghai Boci were taking a photo.





Visit the industrial park



     After the signing ceremony, chairman Chen of FHBS, chairman Liang of FHBS, and General Manager Chen Fengyu accompanied chairman ADACHI YASUO of Yaskawa and the representative of Shanghai Boci to visit the customer experience center and Baisheng Laser industrial park.



              Chairman ADACHI YASUO of Yaskawa was shocked by our companys development history. independent research and development products, a strong R&D team, and corporate social responsibility.




                     Baisheng Laser have been looking forward to working with more partners to jointly create a new era of laser industry.