Preferred for Heavy Duty Pipe Processing

> Max. load-bearing capacity: 400KG per pipe
> Processing length: 6500mm
> 350 large chuck
> Chuck clamping range: φ20~350, 20*20~250*250mm

Special Chuck for I-beam And Channel Steel

> Special chuck and special roller for I-beam and channel steel
> Suitable for cutting I-beam below No. 25.
> The rear chuck has an air blowing function, which can effectively protect the chuck from dust and dust falling into the jaws.

Imported Precision Configuration

> Yaskawa Servo Motor
> Japan SMC proportional valve
> Motovario reducer

Special Cutting Head

> 200 telephoto professional model

Optional Automatic Follow-up Feeding Rack

> The follow-up support design can prevent the long workpiece from sagging and affecting the cutting accuracy.

Specification Parameters

  • Optional Laser Power
  • 3000W-6000W
  • Pipe Processing Range
  • φ20-350mm / □20-250mm channel steel5#-32# / H-beam10#-25# angle iron30-100
  • Pipe Processing Length
  • 6500mm
  • Wall Thickness
  • 1-12mm
  • Max. Chuck Speed
  • 80r/min
  • Single Tube Loading Weight
  • 500Kg
  • Chuck Load-bearing
  • 400KG
  • Control System
  • Tubepro 5000B
  • Servo
  • YASKAWA Japan

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